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Outdoor Media Solutions

Cube Advertising provides outdoor media solutions across Mauritius Island.


Cube Advertising is operating mainly within the parking areas of major commercial centers and public areas for the past four years, we have a substantial network of 120 structures and 480 faces. The advertising panels are strategically placed to maximize visibility at the place of purchase.

In addition to our commercial premium shopping malls' presence, our petrol stations, bus shelters and Public spaces can comfortably give you a customer reach well over 1 million viewers monthly. 

The flexibility of our concept is what differentiate us from all our competitors. Our rental contracts, location preferences and flight times enable you to be present in the areas that will enhance your activity and consolidate your brand loyalty without spending additional budget on locations that do not suit you.

Cube advertising has developed and maintained an active design and printing service that enables customers to work closely with us to ensure that their brands and campaigns are being optimized at all times. 

Features and benefits of the network


Expose your BRAND to over 2 million people each month and remind your TARGET audience of your products.

OOH Advertising

Our AFFORDABLE cost per thousand rates helps you to reach decision makers, shoppers in condition or ready to buy.



Connect to your clients minutes before the moment of PURCHASE, thus reaching all markets in mixed locations.


OUTDOOR Units solar powered scrolling units. Luminous LED light boxes with 3 Posters rotating of 10 Seconds each + 1 Fix Poster 

What our fantastic users say...

“Cube Design's work is indeed commendable especially. Through their network of innovative Outdoor advertising sites, our brand prescence was enhanced and gained traction with the relevant Target market thus assisting us to achieve our brand and communication objectives."

“We launched a nationwide campaign with Cube Design for and after 15 days we experienced an increase of 30% in sales. We were present across the entire network of Cube Design and having our brand present in shopping commercials and petrol stations, enabled us to build brand awareness and credibility for our online store. Personally, being a result driven person i highly recommend Cube Design."

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Office 221, 1st Floor Block B,
The Junction Business Hub, Calebasses Branch Rd, Calebasses.




Phone: +230 243 96 77
Mobile: +230 54 97 77 44